Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 8

Last night, as I took a few moments to review my day with the Lord, my heart was full of praise. The dynamics of yesterday would've typically been a day that would make me cranky, critical and impatient with others, but it turned out to be a wonderful day, full of joy. I saw the fingerprints of God's grace all over it! I didn't 'try harder' at all. The only thing I can attribute it to is the "one thing" that matters. Thank You Jesus for rewarding me as I simply close the door and spend time with you in secret. (Matthew 6:6)

"Daughter, daughter, you are worried and upset about many things,
but only ONE THING is needed. Choose what is better,
and it will not be taken away from you."(Lk. 10:41-42)

Lord, I pray for all my sisters who are walking with me on this 
30 day challenge. 
May we choose You over everything else and may we experience your joy
that results from our obedience to Your voice.


  1. Thank you my Lord Jesus and Savior for this reminder today - "Choose what is better". I hear You and I love You!

    My dear sisters I started my morning being a "Martha" trying to do it all alone and getting crouchy that my hubby and kids were doing nothing to help. And then I took those 5 minutes "To be still". and the Lord said it loud and clear "Choose what is better." My heart was filled with love and thanksgiving and to see clearly in my heart that I have so much to be thankful for.

    Don't let the enemy rob us of our joy . . . be obedient to His voice and there you will find rest.

    Blessings to each of you today . . . .

  2. I am still in the practicing being still stage. I tried to get up early this morning--but that did not happen. Several times today as I was feeling myself getting stressed at work, I went to my quiet place and stopped for a minute to refocus. Christ was right there, calming my spirit and taking away the stress. I think I am beginning to understand "be still".

  3. Isn't it amazing that He is right there, when we become "Martha-like" His patience with us is just unbelievable. I continue to cling to what the Lord showed me so clearly at Hume. Be Still, Rest and Remain. When I stay within that, I too will choose what is better. God is so good isn't He.

  4. Lord, my heart is not proud; my eyes are not haughty. I don't concern myself with matters too great or awesome for me. But I have stilled and quieted myself, just as a small child is quiet with its mother. Yes, like a small child is my soul within me.
    Psalm 131: 1-2
    Isn't this just beautiful !!!!!!!