Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It’s so frustrating to hit a train or a detour on a road when you are trying to get somewhere in a timely fashion. Last week I was late to Teen Challenge because of a train parked on the tracks. That train tried to frustrate me and steal all my joy. Wow. I gave that train a lot of power. My goal was to get to TC, and I did, but I sure let that silly train mess with my head. I almost decided I shouldn’t even go.

Do you ever let people block your way to Jesus and frustrate you so much that you never reach Him? How it must grieve Him when His children stop seeking Him because of the behavior of other “Christians.” Those intolerant, judgmental, hypocritical, back biting believers park right in front of us and block our view. Then we lump them all together where pretty soon the whole church is one big nasty train that is going nowhere fast and we want nothing to do with it. “Let’s just go home.”

Yep. I’ve been there. I’ve let sin sick sinners like me keep me from the beauty of Jesus far too often. My own behavior and the behavior of my brothers and sisters has robbed my joy and made me sour (even toxic) more times than I care to admit. But, I’m learning to wait, or go around and make sure I reach the goal of seeing Jesus…because He is not like me. I am seeing how God loves the stubborn trains, even the train wrecks, and how He heals us with His abundant goodness. The fruit of that seeking is so sweet. Jesus set His face like a flint; fixed on the Father. Can you imagine if he let the ‘religious people’ sidetrack Him?

“I wait quietly before God, for my salvation (daily!) comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.”

Psalm 62


  1. It is so easy to be blocked by those around us or the circumstances we face. My heart often breaks for those in my life that have let it lead them away from the Father's heart, understanding now how easy it can happen and why it can happen. It must break His heart even more to know that His children keep each other from Him sometimes.

    God is always teaching me that HE is my Sustainer, I live in His truth, I am who He says I am. Praise Him for His mercy and love, even when we get in front of the gorgeous view of Him.

  2. You are so right Kara. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with His joy and peace and some great laughter.