Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weird envy

I am so proud of my sisters at Teen Challenge who are hanging in there and doing the work that needs to be done in order to live sober in our pressure filled society. Yesterday I had a moment with them. A moment that was a weird envy. We started talking about where 'they' will be this year for the holidays. We addressed the obvious: not home (which can be good, bad, or both), not with family, not with familiar traditions etc. That can make us feel very homesick for either what we had, or what we wish we had, or what we think others have in our fantasy minds. But then we were all invited to a new thought...what IF...

we gave thanks for where God has us

we embraced His goodness to us in this difficult place and accepted the fact He has us here

we allowed Him to walk us through this time knowing He is with us for His purpose and glory...

and then it hit me...the weird envy, and I said to them, "this may be your purest Christmas yet. One where you truly worship the King Jesus. One without the distraction of what our culture has done to this most sacred gift."

We then engaged in God's Word where Gabriel shows up and speaks truth to Mary from Luke 1. Far beyond what she could comprehend (son of the Most High? Son of God?? the Holy Spirit will overshadow??? etc.!)...but not beyond what she could and would experience. She asks the obvious question: HOW? and she is given the only answer we can hold onto...'nothing is impossible with God.'

Have we become so arrogant to think we deserve an explanation for everything? That we have a right to comprehend all that God is doing and why? Am I willing to simply say, as Mary did, "I don't get it, but I'm yours, and I am willing to accept what You want (Luke 1:38 NLT)

Oh, to live in the mystery of the One who is beyond measure as the favored one, most blessed. Are you there?


  1. Oh this is so timely for me and where I am (where God has me) We spent Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday in such a different way this year. I am a hospice nurse and I was "on call" for our patients this year. Our kids were going in different directions and so it was just my husband and I, as I got ready in the morning to be ready to go out if needed, I admit I was gloomy and felt like this was going to be a not so good day, I missed the grand kids and our grown kids so much..I believe it was then God reminded me that it was Thanks and Giving day and not "its all about me day" I was then called out to my first call of the day and spent time with a family who are struggling to make it but are finding the strength and means to care for their loved one no matter what the cost.
    Their Thanksgiving day wasn't picture perfect but it was filled with love and caring and sacrifice, it was beautiful to see and experience, my day proceeded to be filled with more looks into family, love, tears, joy and sacrifice, it was one of the best and as you put it for the TC girls at Christmas, a pure Thanksgiving experience, He continues to amaze and surprise me with His love for me.....

  2. Precious Kris. Thanks for sharing. He does LOVE YOU!!!